Are you a ‘Foodie’ or a ‘Culinado’? Take our test here!

Are you a ‘Foodie’ or a ‘Culinado’?  Click on this link and take our fun, informative quiz here! is an expert in the world of culinary adventures. Over years of meeting some of the most talented chefs and spending time with their fellow travelers around the world, has been able to identify a new group of food lovers even more demanding of their cooking and culinary experiences than the traditional ‘foodie’.  We call them the Culinados.

The Culinado (a blend of the terms culinary and aficionado),  is extremely passionate about food and culinary skills and your knowledge about food and ingredients would impress some of the best chefs!  You would swap anything in your social calendar for a cooking session, and you yearn to travel the world to discover new recipes, techniques and connect with like-minded people.  For some, your love of cooking and food is more important than your relationships; it can drive your holiday choices and how you spend your spare time with your partner.  It’s your passionate hobby rather than a secondary interest. A true culinary aficionado is akin to a fine sommelier with a nose for foods, ingredients and how to create delicious recipes intuitively.

Do you fancy wandering the streets of Paris or searching the Italian Dolomites for fresh ingredients? Do your taste-buds yearn to be tantalized by fine wines and delicious foods cooked by Michelin starred chefs? Why not join us this September, or next May, for a culinary adventure to France or Italy?  Click here to discover the array of options we offer… we’re on stand-by for your call!

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