Celeb Foodies We’d Like to Travel With

Celebrities – they’re just like us! Snapping photos of meals, looking up restaurant suggestions on Yelp, trying to look fashionably casual while half-sleeping in the airport terminal – we’re all creatures of similar habits!

And it’s with some investigative research (aka our hungry eyes) that we’ve come across celebrities who take the their Instagram just like we do. We love scrolling through their pictures in make-up chairs, post-personal training selfies or their red carpet side-eyes. But when we come across the periodic plate-focused picture, we know we can at least relate on that level. Here are some of our favourite celebrity foodies who we think would make for fantastic company on a Foodie Trip!

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari loves his Italian!

Aziz Ansari loves his Italian!

Aziz loves his pasta! He’s known to be very into Italian food, appreciating all aspects from reggiano cheese to balsamic reductions (that by the way is captioned in one post as sufficing for a “snack” with a mini bottle of vino). Not one to pigeon-hole himself, outside of lasagnas and pizzas, the comedian appreciates a steamy bowl of Ramen, as well as his fair share of sweets. His Instagram is also prone to shedding a comedic light on food, like his Drake-inspired birthday cake; a strawberry and cream number declaring “If you’re reading this it’s too cake.”

Blake Lively

Blake Lively's got a knack for posting enviable pics!

Blake Lively’s got a knack for posting enviable pics!

This food-loving beauty gets as excited about Lorraine Schwartz accented artisanal donuts as she does her tomato-bath at La Tomatina festival in Spain. She’s as adventurous as she is elegant in her food pictures, and we love that about her feed. Along with silly-faced selfies that don’t make our eyes roll, Blake has a skill for posting beautiful plates that have her followers salivating alongside her, instead of feeling like she’s obnoxiously bragging to us. We sincerely don’t mind when Blake plays with her food.

Chrissy Teigen

It's amazing how deliciously this beauty eats!

It’s amazing how deliciously this beauty eats!

We have a love/hate for this stunning model’s Instagram feed. It’s equally celebrity-studded glamourous affairs and ridiculously indulgent food posts. Needless to say, she makes us jealous! Besides the enviable dishes and designer looks she’s often sharing, she also has us swooning over her rolly-polly puppies, often seen snuggling up to her side. Her food appreciation is displayed not just in pictures restaurant plates, but also in her proudly honed kitchen skills. We’re familiar with her marble-countered cooking space, often the backdrop for both family selfies and impressive homemade meals.

Hugh Jackman

We love a good donut pic, but not as much as we love Hugh's workout selfies!

We love a good donut pic, but not as much as we love Hugh’s workout selfies!

We take some sort of solace in a celebrity’s food posts that come with guilt-laden commentary. You know, that guilty pleasure we all feel when we eat a burger that has the word “double” in it or a dessert that’s main ingredient is heavy cream – celebrities feel that temporary shame too! How great is it to be among the ranks of Wolverine, who loves to share sinful yet gratifying dishes like these chocolate injected cronuts! Of course, Hugh is also an avid poster of his workout achievements, which we admit we get equal pleasure from viewing.

Meghan Markle

We love Meghan's love of Toronto fare!

We love Meghan’s love of Toronto fare!

As Toronto-based foodies ourselves, we love following Meghan’s love affair with the trending Toronto food spots, including all things from Gusto101’s infamous kale salad to the must-have quinoa battered onion rings from Fresh. This model-turned-actress’ food finds around The6 are often posed with “twist my arm” comments, which is one coy sentiment we’ve playfully echoed on our Foodie Trips!

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan is a proud frequent-diner at a handful of exceptional LA hot spots.

Kiernan is a proud frequent-diner at a handful of exceptional LA hot spots.

This 16-year old SAG Award winning starlet seems more interested in delicious brunches and juices than high end fashions and notable costars. While she posts a bit of the latter, the majority of her feed is homage to incredible meals she’s had in LA and abroad. We love that Kiernan has no qualms about honing her regular-diner status (and frequently posting) from a handful of her favourite spots. Most obviously, she’s a big fan of LA’s popular French spot, Petit Trois.